Research and Citation software for students, teachers and professionals

Looking for a better way to research, write and cite sources? With NoteControl, users can capture information, take notes, organize research and create citations with ease.

Creating a bibliography and formatting your document becomes effortless when using NoteControl. Just select from style templates like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc., when exporting to MS Word, and let NoteControl take care of the rest


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Key Features
Capture research from websites, documents, PDF files and more...
Use tags to organize notes in folders
Automatically create reference sources and citations through databases or manual entry
Export to Microsoft Word®, and include a reference list using style sheets like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.
Collaborate and share on research files
MindView Integration (mind mapping software)
Perfect for:
Researching and capturing information
Taking Notes and Organizing Research
Gathering References & Generating Citations
Creating Source Lists and Exporting to MS Word
Researching & Capturing Information

The hardest part of writing a research paper is the collection and organization of the information. In addition, there are countless sources the writer must keep track of. NoteControl eliminates this headache with its floating capture tool bar. Users can capture text and images from websites or documents, take screenshots, or simply copy everything. This easy to use capture feature simplifies research and information collection.

Capture Capture

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Taking Notes and Organizing Research

Once you capture a text note, audio note, video note or file, the content is automatically stored in the NoteControl Inbox. This information can then be re-organized into main folders and sub-folders. By adding tags to your sources, you can instantly find the information you need later on.

Note Taking Software

Gathering References & Generating Citations

By teaming up with, the world’s largest online source catalogue, 1.5 billion documented sources are easily accessible from NoteControl. Search for your desired source with the WorldCat source option and add them to your NoteControl project. Citations can also be generated by selecting the research source type and NoteControl will provide the appropriate reference fields. For more customized needs, users can enter source information with the manual entry mode.

NoteControl - Inserting Citations

Creating Source Lists & Exporting to MS Word

Creating the bibliography source list becomes easy when using NoteControl. All users have to do is export their NoteControl notebook to MS Word, and select a citation style such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. NoteControl takes care of the rest by creating the source list and even formats the headings and indentions of the MS Word document to meet the requirements of the selected citation style.

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All citations used in the NoteControl notebook are carried through to the appropriate section of the Microsoft Word document. In addition, the full detail of each source is listed at the end of the document and follows the requirements of the citation style selected

Utilize the industry’s best research and citation software, combined with full integration to Microsoft Word and create professional research papers with ease!